Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School again, this time it's MOOC, which is Massively Online Open Course. I'm in my first week of GAMIFICATION taught by Kevin Werbach, a business and law professor in Pennsylvania. According to the first enrollment report, I'm in with students from 147 countries. That's outreach! Now if I can gamify a course in printmaking in a similar way, it would be worth the school effort. It reminds me of when I first went to teach at the UW and they put me in an office in the business building next door to the art building because they didn't have office space. I got my start on a slightly different road in the arts that way. I was lucky! This freed me of the blinders most artists and art professors are given when they get out of a college art school, helped me see the Big Picture.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What fun it is to be living in the age of digital reproduction, to be talented and old! With screenwriting software, graphics and Webware at my fingertips, I uploaded my screenplay, "SWIPE" to Amazon Studios in less than an hour. These are things we could only dream about back when we were just thinking about multimedia. Now anyone that happens to know me and be interested in my work lately can check it out. SO EASY!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cloud multi-dilemma - Which one to choose?

The buzz around cloud computing is interesting. It inspired me to make a graphic using my own buzzwords. I'm faced with a dilemma of many facets - a "multidilemma" - and here's my picture for today. Next I would attach links to pages and explain what each one means to anyone who wants to know.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

State of Ritchie-Art

It's a new blog and here's the state of the my art: I'm re-writing my newest book, "Rembrandt's Ghost in the New Machine." It's a 17-chapter novel, blending historical and science fiction (time travel). Think "Alice in Wonderland" for printmakers. Instead of a rabbit-hole or looking glass, the hero rubs on a copper plate. He lands back in the 17th Century on the waterfront of Amsterdam. If you want to hear more, send a comment.